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What Are The Benefits of Becoming An Affiliate Of Redlight Supplements?

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Earn Up To 20%

Commissions start at 20% instantly (The Top-Dollar Commissions In The Industry). If you send a reliable high volume of sales, we will surely bump your commission and easily make money at home online.

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Marketing Materials - Ready-To-Use. You can create referral links. Track visitors, conversions, commissions, and payouts. It’s all in our affiliate program marketing platform!

90 Day Affiliate Cookie

Highest In The Industry. If a buyer comes to our site via an affiliate link and purchases something within 90 days, the affiliate who referred the buyer will receive a commission for it.

High-Quality Supplements

Our supplements delivers high-quality results. You can be sure that your audience will be impressed by what we can offer them.

health and wellness is one of the largest niche in the world!

The health and wellness industry is one of the largest in the world. People in this niche are always hungry for new high quality material in their relentless search to improve their health, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market, The health and wellness industry in the US is worth $167 billion.

Requirements For Redlight Supplements Affiliate Program Marketing

In terms of affiliate partnerships, Redlight Supplements is primarily looking for experienced affiliate marketers and social media influencers who are passionate about weight loss, health, and supplements.

Marketers, YouTubers, Bloggers & Influencers

In order to participate, affiliate applicants should have a website, blog, social media profile, and/or YouTube channel

Easy payouts via PayPal

To receive commission payments, you must have an active PayPal account

Your Application

Redlight Supplements will review and approve your affiliate application within 48 business hours.

Top 5 Reasons Your Affiliate Application May Be Denied

It is not always a bad thing. Here are five of the most common reasons applications are denied by us, and you can correct the errors and reapply:

How To Get Started With Redlight Supplements Affiliate Program Marketing?

In order to promote our supplements, you must become a registered Redlight Supplements affiliate. To do this you will have to establish an account at our affiliate program marketing registration page. Please note that you are acting as an affiliate for Redlight Supplements and therefore must adhere to all of Redlight Supplements’s terms and conditions as can be found here: Redlight Supplements Client Contract.

Once you are a registered our affiliate program marketing, you will be able to send traffic through a special Redlight Supplements generated affiliate link using our software, and you will automatically be credited your respective commission for all sales that result from traffic you send through your special affiliate link and can make money at home online!

FTC Disclosure For Affiliates

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) creates and enforces rules concerning how corporations and individuals conduct business. Anti-trust regulations, truth in advertising, and many other commonly encountered consumer-protection mechanisms originate with the FTC.

As part of its role in protecting consumers from deceptive marketing practices, the FTC requires that affiliate marketers and others using the internet and social media to promote products and brands disclose their financial relationship to the products and brands they mention. The full FTC rules on affiliate marketing can be found here.


Before promoting, please be aware of the following regulations:

Affiliates are NOT permitted to use ANY REDLIGHT SUPPLEMENT or Our Weight Loss products before and after photos in their promotions without written permission from REDLIGHT SUPPLEMENTS. Affiliates may also not run ads on Google AdWords (or any Google property), bid on “REDLIGHT SUPPLEMENTS/OUR PRODUCTS based keywords, use the term “REDLIGHT SUPPLEMENTS/OUR PRODUCTS” in any pay per click ads, use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar to “scam” or “fraud,” or create customer incentives for purchasing OUR PRODUCTS (e.g. cash rebates or 3rd party bonus offers).
Affiliates must also NEVER use any images or videos that they do not own, and are forbidden from using any imagery that would imply any endorsement without written consent from the appropriate parties.
Affiliates are forbidden from creating webpages, social media pages or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of the Redlight Supplements Products. Any review page and all creative contained therein must include the word ‘REVIEW’ in the title, the url and any graphics used in the cover image or profile image. This includes blogs, webpages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or ANY OTHER online entity whether or not it is considered to be “social media”.
Affiliates may not bypass our products pages to generate orders. In other words, no direct linking to cart or order forms from any ads or landing pages. The customer must see our offer as presented by us prior to landing on the cart.

Any affiliate caught breaking any of these terms will be banned immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement.

Terms & Conditions

Before completing the REDLIGHT PRODUCTS AFFILIATE PROGRAM MARKETING APPLICATION, please read the entire agreement. REDLIGHTSUPPLEMENTS.COM and you have entered into a legal agreement. 

By submitting the online affiliate application you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and that you agree to be legally responsible for each and every term and condition. Redlight Supplements reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any times without cause, warning or notice. This agreement represents the entire agreement between us and you and shall suppressed all prior agreements and communication of the parties, oral or written. The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, BUT WE WILL TRY TO NOTIFY YOU OF SUCH CHANGES IN ADVANCE. Redlight Supplements’s terms and conditions agreement can be accessed here: Redlight Supplements Client Contract. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT

Affiliate Program make money online home redlight supplement

Don’t forget, you get access to all these benefits:

Earn Up To 20% Base Commission (The Top-Dollar Commissions In The Industry)

90 Day Affiliate Cookie (Highest In The Industry)

Marketing Materials – Ready-To-Use

The global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market, The health and wellness industry in the US is worth $167 billion.